2017年12月19日 星期二

Celebrities Strut Their Stuff at the Met Gala 星光熠熠的東岸奧斯卡

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Celebrities Strut Their Stuff at the Met Gala  星光熠熠的東岸奧斯卡
by Evan Witkowski

This annual event draws the biggest names and the wildest fashion statements.

  Where do you go to find A-list celebrities dressed to the nines on the red carpet? Every year on the first Monday in May, they can be seen at the Met Gala. This party is formally called the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Benefit. It is a fundraiser for the fashion department of this famous New York museum. It's also called the "Oscars of the East Coast" because so many high-profile figures in entertainment congregate to honor a fashion designer's career and donate money to the Met.
  Everyone in attendance is instructed to wear an outfit that relates to the theme of the chosen designer who is holding an exhibition at the museum. This year was the first time since 1983 that the fashion icon being honored is still alive. Organizers chose Rei Kawakubo, the 74-year-old Japanese designer that founded her fashion label Comme des Garçons in 1969, as the subject of the exhibition. Her designs are known for pushing back the boundaries of fashion.
  Tickets for the party cost US$30,000 each and tables have a price tag of US$275,000. Since it is sponsored, all of the proceeds go to the Costume Institute. It is invitation only, and last year, there were only 600 people in attendance. Paparazzi photographers are all over the red carpet trying to get a shot of all the celebrities and their outfits. As one of the most exclusive events in the world, a ticket or invitation is highly sought-after, so people shouldn't expect to be able to just waltz in and get a seat. First, they have to make a name for themselves in the world of business, politics, entertainment, or fashion.

1. Where is the Met Gala held every year?
(A) At the Oscar Awards ceremony in Hollywood.
(B) At the home of Rei Kawakubo in Japan.
(C) In New York City's Central Park.
(D) At the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

2. What was special about the Met Gala exhibition this year?
(A) The designer being honored is still alive.
(B) Only 600 people showed up.
(C) It was the most expensive year to attend.
(D) They did not allow paparazzi photographers.

3. How much does a ticket to the Met Gala cost?
(A) US$275,000.
(B) US$30,000.
(C) US$600.
(D) US$1,983.

4. What kinds of people attend the event?
(A) Fashion design students.
(B) People who need a donation.
(C) A-list celebrities.
(D) Business students.


1. statement n. 聲明;陳述
The lawyer issued a statement on behalf of the victim's family.
*on behalf of...  代表/代替……

2. formally adv. 正式地
: formal a. 正式的
Jason wanted to formally apologize to Abby for offending her at the party.
It's a formal party, so you'll have to dress up.

3. institute n. 協會;機構 & vt. 制定;開始
This institute provides free job training programs for adults.
The new mayor instituted strict law enforcement as soon as he took office.
*enforcement n. 執行,實施
take office  上任,就職

4. benefit n. 慈善義演/義賣;利益
: for the benefit of...  為??的利益
Peter quit smoking for the benefit of his health.

5. honor vt. 向……致敬 & n. 敬意
: in honor of...  以紀念……
The city erected a statue in the park to honor the hero.
*erect vt. 建立;豎立
A state banquet will be held this evening in honor of the visiting President of the United States.
*banquet n. 宴會

6. donate vt. 捐獻,捐贈
Beth donated money to the charity to help people in need in Africa.

7. instruct vt. 指示;指導
: instruction n. 指示,說明
The flight attendants instructed the passengers to fasten their seat belts.
*flight attendant  空服員
These instructions are relatively easy to understand.

8. icon n. 偶像;崇拜的對象;指標
: iconic a. 具代表性的;象徵性的
Taylor Swift is a fashion icon to millions of teenage girls in the world.
The Capital Gate is one of Abu Dhabi's most iconic buildings.

9. sponsor vt. 贊助 & n. 贊助者
We sponsored a charity event in association with the broadcasting corporation.
*in association with...  與……聯合/合作
The inventor was trying to find sponsors for his latest creation.

10. exclusive a. 獨有的;專門的
Our company has exclusive rights to distribute that product.
*distribute vt. 配銷;分發

big name  知名人士
A-list a. 一線的,一流的
metropolitan a. 大都市的
costume n. 服裝;戲服
fundraiser n. 募款活動;募款機構
high-profile a. 備受矚目的
congregate vi. 聚集,集合
outfit n.(整套的)服裝
theme n. 主題
organizer n. 主辦單位;組織者
price tag  價格(標籤),費用
proceeds n. 收益,收入(恆用複數)
sought-after a. 搶手的,熱門的
: popular a.

1. strut one's stuff  炫耀某人的本領
strut vt. 炫耀,賣弄
The tournament is the opportunity for all the world's best tennis players to strut their stuff.
*tournament n. 錦標賽

2. be dressed (up) to the nines  盛裝打扮
Jenny was dressed to the nines at her birthday party, and she looked stunning.

3. be in attendance  出席;在場
The singer never goes out without his bodyguards in attendance.
*bodyguard n. 保鑣

4. relate to...  和……(直接)相關,有關……
That TV program relates to the events caused by terrorism.

5. push back the boundaries  突破極限
Scientists continue to push back the boundaries of knowledge.

6. expect to V  預料/預期……
: anticipate V-ing
Marla expects to move into her new apartment.

7. waltz in  輕鬆/愜意地走進來
waltz vi. 神態自若地走;跳華爾滋;雀躍
Helen waltzed in and showed off her ring.

8. make a name for oneself  某人闖出名聲/打響名號
Alan's goal is to make a name for himself in Hollywood.

This annual event draws the biggest names and the wildest fashion statements.
fashion n. 流行;時尚 & vt. 製作,使成形
: be in / out of fashion  流行/不流行的
in a / an... fashion  以……的方式
This style of clothing is out of fashion.
We worked out our differences in a civilized fashion.
*civilized a. 文明的;有教養的
The designer made a name for himself by fashioning clothes for celebrities.



    你去哪裡才能找到盛裝打扮的一線名流站在紅毯上呢?每年五月的第一個星期一,你都可以在 Met Gala 一睹他們的風采。這場派對正式的名稱為大都會藝術博物館慈善晚宴。它是為這間著名紐約博物館時尚部門所舉辦的募款活動。它也稱為「東岸奧斯卡」,因為眾多娛樂圈備受矚目的人物都齊聚一堂,以向一位時尚設計師的職業生涯致敬並捐款給大都會藝術博物館。
  所有出席者都被要求穿著與獲選設計師主題相關的服裝,而這名設計師正在該博物館舉行一場展覽。今年受到表揚的時尚教主仍然在世,那是自 1983 年以來的頭一遭。主辦單位選擇了川久保玲 ── 她是於 1969 年創立她的時裝品牌 Comme des Garçons 的七十四歲日本設計師 ── 作為那場展覽的主題。她的設計因為突破時尚的極限而名聞遐邇。


1. Met Gala 每年都在哪裡舉辦?
(A) 在好萊塢的奧斯卡金像獎典禮。
(B) 在日本川久保玲的家中。
(C) 在紐約市的中央公園。
(D) 在大都會藝術博物館。
題解:根據本文第一段,它是為這間著名紐約博物館時尚部門所舉辦的募款活動,故 (D) 項應為正選。

2. 今年的 Met Gala 有什麼特別之處?
(A) 受到表揚的設計師仍然在世。
(B) 僅有六百人出席。
(C) 今年是出席該活動最昂貴的一年。
(D) 他們不允許狗仔隊攝影師參加。
題解:根據本文第二段,今年受到表揚的時尚教主仍然在世,那是自 1983 年以來的頭一遭,故 (A) 項應為正選。

3. Met Gala 的門票一張多少錢?
(A) 二十七萬五千美元。
(B) 三萬美元。
(C) 六百美元。
(D) 一千九百八十三美元。
題解:根據本文最後一段,這場派對的一張門票要價三萬美元,故 (B) 項應為正選。

4. 什麼樣的人會出席這場活動?
(A) 時裝設計系的學生。
(B) 需要捐贈的人們。
(C) 一線名流。
(D) 商學系學生。
題解:根據本文最後一段,狗仔隊攝影師在紅毯上四處奔走,試圖捕捉全部的名人與他們的服裝,故 (C) 項應為正選。

答案:1. D 2. A 3. B 4. C






克朗金錢遊戲 冰島的經濟復甦之路
在 1994 至 2008 年間,克朗的幣值飆升了驚人的 900%。隨著貨幣幣值越飆越高,這個亞北極國家飛得離太陽太近,因而在 2008 年遭遇創下歷史記錄的經濟崩跌。將近十年後,冰島不但存活下來,還繁榮了起來。冰島是怎麼辦到的?


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